Salesforce Email Validator Integration

You can now validate your email addresses directly on your Salesforce Platform via the DTX Email Validator Plugin.

Developed with the Salesforce experts at Cloud113, the DTX Email Validator app runs natively and effortlessly on Salesforce. Validate a single record or up to 100k records at a time – without ever leaving the Salesforce ecosystem – with just a click of a button.

DTX Email Validator Features
  • Validate a single email address or every email address in your Salesforce Org
  • Take advantage of Bulk API 2.0 to validate emails
  • Top-up your validation credits directly in the DTX Email Validator application
  • Validate standard and custom objects including Person Accounts, Leads & Contacts
  • Validate individual records or schedule daily validations on newly created records
  • Full settings page to control API key, scheduled validations, notification emails
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