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Validate email addresses without sending email: Improve sender reputation, deliverability and reduce bounce rates with Byteplant's email validator.

Verify Email Addresses with Byteplant's Email Validator

Email is the main point of contact between your business and the customer. Byteplant's email validator will help you reach your customers and keep your email sender reputation intact. We offer full end-to-end email verification solutions for all your email marketing needs.

Our Email Verification Solutions

Our email verification services will improve your sender reputation and delivery rates and reduce bounce rates at the same time.

Online Email Validation API
Online API
Validate email addresses right at the point of entry in registration forms on websites and in apps.
Email List Cleaning
Email List Cleaning
Email List Cleaning removes outdated or invalid email addresses from Excel/CSV files, CRM systems and customer databases.

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How Email Verification Can Help You

Email verification is an integral part of any email campaign. It allows you to keep your email list clean and contributes to the impressive 3600% email marketing ROI. By taking advantage of email validation, you are addressing a variety of issues and improving your marketing strategy.

Improve Sender Reputation

A sender reputation is the reputation of your IP address that shows email service providers how credible your email sending IP address is. If you have a poor sender reputation, your messages may start ending up in spam folders.

A high-quality email checker can improve your sender reputation by eliminating spam traps and ensuring the validity of email addresses on the list.

Prevent Overspending

The costs of your email marketing campaign depend directly on the quality of your email list. For each invalid address on your list, you are spending money you could have been using to improve your marketing campaign.

An email verification tool makes sure all your emails reach valid subscribers. If some of the addresses are invalid or questionable, the tool notifies you about the problem.

Streamline Retention

A clean email list is highly important for your customer or client retention efforts. When you need to re-engage existing customers, you have to make sure their addresses are still valid. Email validation can check the quality of your email list and find addresses that are no longer active.

This can save you time and money on marketing products to customers who aren't reading your emails anymore.

Reduce Bounce Rate

If your messages keep bouncing, your sender reputation suffers. To prevent this from happening, you need to check the validity of addresses on your list.

By removing inactive and invalid addresses, you are reducing the bounce rate and improving your email sending IP's reputation.

Which Checks Does Email Validator Perform?

Our Email Validator uses a multi-layer email validation process, with every single email going through all of these validation and verification steps:

  • Syntax verification (IETF/RFC standard conformance)
  • DNS validation, including MX record lookup
  • Disposable email address detection
  • Misspelled domain detection to prevent Typosquatting
  • SMTP connection and availability checking
  • Temporary unavailability detection
  • Mailbox existence checking
  • Catch-All testing
  • Greylisting detection

During the entire email validation process, we never send any email to the recipient address.

Email Address Verification Pricing

We offer a pay-as-you-go pricing as well as subscription plans:

  • One-time/Pay-as-you-go: Add credits to your account anytime by making a one-time payment.
  • Monthly Subscription: Pay a fixed amount once each month and we add credits to your account automatically.
Credits do never expire and can be used anytime for email list verification as well as for the real-time email verification API. Unused credits roll over to the next month.

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Companies That Trust Us: Our Customers

With our extensive experience in email verification since 2003, Byteplant is a market leader when it comes to email verification services. Our software is made in Germany and offers high accuracy at maximum speed, GDPR compliant data security and flexible rates with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We are working with companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Salesforce and many others. Protect your sender reputation and try our email validation services for free.

Email Validator FAQ

Why Do I Need an Email Verification?

Email verification is the process of keeping your email list in top shape. It makes sure that you don't have any old, outdated, or invalid addresses on the list. Without regular email verification, you could be facing issues with the sender reputation, high bounce rates, undelivered emails, high marketing costs, and unhappy clients.
Email verification is a vital part of any email campaign. It helps you make sure all your messages reach the right recipients. It can also check email addresses as customers type them into forms on your website. This can help eliminate errors in real-time.
Manual email verification can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. That's why companies that have email lists bigger than a few thousand addresses, opt for automatic verification. Email verifier make it easy to keep your email list clean without any manual activities.
Verification services are usually fairly priced and don't hurt your marketing budget.

Can I Verify a List of Email Addresses?

Verifying each email address individually can be beneficial for small email lists. However, if you have dozens of addresses, such evaluation can take hours or even days. That's why Byteplant email verifier provides an opportunity to check addresses in bulk.
All you have to do is upload the list in a specific format (plain text (.txt) or as comma-separated values (CSV)) and the tool can check the entire set of addresses. In-bulk email verification is just as effective as checking addresses one by one.
If you have a small email address list today, you can opt for the single-address checks. However, as your customer base grows, you would need to switch to in-bulk verification.

How Do I Verify Email Addresses in Bulk?

Verifying email addresses in bulk is easy. All you need to do is register for your free email validation account and get 1,000 free credits. This is enough to check 1,000 email addresses.
Then you would need to export your email list from Excel to a CSV or TXT file:

  • Open the Excel file with your email list.
  • Choose File|"Save as (other formats)".
  • Browse to find a place to save your new file.
  • Select CSV or TXT from the "Save as Type" drop-down menu.
Upload the file to the Byteplant email verifier and click enter. As soon as the program completes the validation process, it will send you an email with the results. The software will perform many validation procedures including syntax verification, mx record lookup, SMTP connection and availability check, greylist test, automatic duplicate removal, bad data removal, and much more.

How Much Does Email Verification Cost?

When you sign up for Byteplant email validation, you get 1,000 credits for free. Then you can choose the most suitable plan for your needs.

  • Pay as you go – you add credits to your account at any time you want to check your list.
  • Monthly payments – you pay a fixed amount for a fixed number of credits every month (for example, 2,000 credits will cost you $13.80 per month).

You can use our Online Email Validation API to check up to 1000 email addresses for free -
just register for your free account and we send you an email with the details!