Cobra CRM / Astendo

Cobra CRM / Astendo Email Validator Integration

Validate email addresses from new Cobra CRM / Astendo contacts with Byteplant Email Validator. Byteplant Email Validator will validate the associated email address via Astendo’s editManager. Invalid, disposable, or suspect results are automatically flagged in your Cobra CRM / Astendo platform, ensuring higher deliverability and lower bounce rates on your email campaigns.

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How the Cobra CRM / Astendo + Email Validator Integration Works
  1. Select the email addresses to validate
  2. Email-Validator results are appended to your contacts via Astendo editManager
  3. Delete invalid or fraudulent email addresses to improve deliverability
Apps Involved
  • Cobra CRM / Astendo
  • Astendo editManager
  • Email Validator

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