Marketo Email Validator Integration

Prevent invalid email data from entering your Marketo platform by validating new leads as they are created with Byteplant Email Validator. When a new Marketo lead is created, Byteplant Email Validator automatically checks the email address’ validity. After a result code—valid, invalid, disposable, catch-all, unknown—is returned, it will be added to the Marketo lead.

Please Note: You may need to create a new ‘Custom Field’ in Marketo and designate all validation results to be imported there. We suggest to name is ‘ByteplantEmailValidatorResults’.

How the Marketo + Email Validator Integration Works
  1. A new lead is added to Marketo
  2. Zapier sends the associated email to Email Validator for validation
  3. Zapier adds the Email Validation result to a ‘Custom Field’ in the Marketo lead
Apps Involved
  • Marketo
  • Email Validator

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