Airtable Email Validator Integration

Effortlessly validate email addresses associated with new Airtable records with Byteplant Email Validators. When a new record is added in your Airtable, Byteplant Email Validator validates the associated email address. The Byteplant Email Validator result — valid, invalid, disposable, catch-all, etc. – is then added into the Airtable record details.

Please note: You may need to create a special Airtable column to import the Byteplant Email Validator email address validation results. We suggest to label the column as ‘ByteplantEmailValidator’.

How the Airtable + Email Validator Integration Works

  1. A new record is added to Airtable
  2. Zapier sends the associated email to Email Validator for validation
  3. Zapier returns the Email Validation results to the designated Airtable column
Apps Involved
  • Airtable
  • Email Validator

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