Free Email Address Validation

With our free email validation service you can easily verify if an email address is real and valid. Based on our experience in email processing since 2003 - we are the makers of CleanMail, one of the leading antispam & email security solutions in the market - we know how to validate email addresses better than everyone else.

Full Email Address Verification

We offer complete, full-service email address verification including the following tests:

During the entire process, we never send any emails to the recipient address.

Email Address Validation Demo

Enter the email address you want to verify:

The free demo for this service is limited to 10 email addresses per day.
If you want to check more email addresses, you can register for a free API key (limited to 100 email address validations) and use our Online Email Address Validation API.

Avoid Bad Email Reputation - Keep Your List Clean!

A recent Return Path study shows that bad email sender reputation, and not content, is responsible in 83% of all cases where email does not reach the recipient.

If you want to verify lots of email addresses in one go or if you need an online, real-time email address verification for your website, we have exactly the right solution for you:

Batch Email Address List Verification & Online API

Whether you have an existing email list to clean or you want to stop bad email addresses from getting on your list, we have exactly the right solution for you:

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